Your privacy is my priority

There are many concerns regarding data protection and leakage of any information regarding the session’s client and content. Let me highlight a couple of points regarding my practice and your confidentiality:

  • I am a GDPR Practitioner, and my practice is compliant with all regulations regarding data protection.
  • I monitor my practice by attending regular supervision for myself and am committed to my self-development. There are times, where aspects of our sessions will be taken to supervision to monitor my practice. At no time your name or any identifiable information will be mentioned. My supervisor is also committed to our contracted confidentiality.
  • If I need to record our session by any chance, that will be done only by your permission.
  • Face-to-Face contact outside sessions – If by any chance I will meet you at your session, please be aware that I will not greet you. This is to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. This is especially important if you are with other people. If you acknowledge me openly, then I will respond in an appropriate, professional manner. Suppose you and I will find each other as a part of the same group, either social or professional. In that case, where appropriate and possible, I will withdraw.
  • Contacting me outside of the sessions – you may contact me outside of the session to change your appointment or if you need further clarification to your given home task ( if given). I will answer as soon as I can. However, I will not discuss our session or any disturbing matter in an email that mainly protect your privacy and confidentiality.